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 Jerk Man Island Cuisine

Jerk Man Island Cuisine is owned and operated by Patrick & Patricia Euwing. Patrick is a native of Jamaica who relocated to the United States over twenty years ago. Since arriving in the country, he has diligently worked hard to achieve his goals and became very adamant about creating a successful life for himself. As Patrick continued to pursue his dreams and adapting to his newfound life in the United States, he later met and married his loving wife Patricia of which they share in

holy matrimony seventeen years and counting. It’s a blessing to know that what God has joined together let no man put asunder realizing that it does come with many life's challenges - but the beauty is they’ve decided to grow stronger through whatever obstacles may come their way. They were not only passionate about succeeding in life as great entrepreneurs but also passionate about becoming each other’s greatest supporters! Throughout the many years shared, not only did they build their love for one another but have also made great accomplishments together.


Patricia's background is in Ministry education and Office Management for the City of New York for over 10 years. She has been very successful in those skillsets and have continued to work until she was able to achieve working for herself and enjoying the benefits of becoming her own boss. With acquired skills, as she and her husband collaborated about the food truck business, she decided to assist him in making yet another dream of his come to pass. Patrick has always had a love for cooking though he is very skillful in various areas. Cooking Jamaican food comes natural to him. Hence, while he masters in the Jamaican food arena, Patricia masters in the soul food arena of which she learned from her grandmother. 


In 2018 Patrick decided to launch a Mobile Food Unit that would cater to many people throughout the state of North Carolina and with the support and love of his wife, they began the challenging process to not only produce the Caribbean menu but to expand with the Soul Food menu as well. What an awesome combination this became. God has truly blessed their endeavors and with much encouragement and support from family and friends JERK MAN ISLAND CUISINE was born! In Patrick's hometown in Jamaica, he was always known for helping others from the kindness of his heart, therefore, it's no surprise that he would set out to start a business that would promote a level of joy and excitement after experiencing his authentic tasty Jamaican meals on wheels! We believe a business of this sort also can offer a level of integrity, respect and love in the communities we serve.

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